Custos was spun out from blockchain research done at the MIH Media Lab at Stellenbosch University in 2014. For the last 5 years we have been building the future of media distribution with our patented blockchain technology. To date, we have used our technology to protect over 200 000 movies from piracy (including just about all South African movies over the last 3 years), we have expanded our technology to protect audio, eBooks and documents. We have customers that love us everywhere from Hollywood to Japan.

Our team boasts world-class knowledge in media technology, media economics, blockchain, and software development, and some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.

We have built something really valuable. We know this, because we are getting more inbound interest than we can handle. This is where you come in. We need someone who can help us manage the sales process, and that can take ownership of customer success. You will be the champion for the amazing people that use our product, from small indie film producers protecting their passion projects to large global enterprises.

If you:

  • Are process orientated;
  • Have a growth mindset;
  • Love working with people;
  • Are great at verbal and written communication;
  • Have an interest in technology and media; and
  • are not an asshole.

This position is for you.

We hire for ability first, experience second, and education third. If you can be exceptional in this position, we do not care what experience or degrees you have.

As in any startup, you'll be responsible and accountable for a lot of what you do. We hate micromanaging. We will explain the company strategy to you, help you understand where you fit in, and set some short and long-term goals with you. You will have a lot of freedom to execute. Some of the things we expect will form part of this position is in the long-ass list below:

  • Manage our Pipedrive;
  • Make sure that all sales activities align with current sales strategies;
  • Make sure all sales strategies are documented correctly on Guru;
  • Do relevant research on new inbound leads: find out what the unique selling point would be for each new lead by looking at: what they do, who they are, what products they might be interested in;
  • Respond to all queries on Intercom in a friendly and helpful manner;
  • Respond to all support queries (either via Intercom or email) and escalate it efficiently to the dev team should the support problems be very technical. If customers or potential customers have complaints or recommendations about the product, make sure to communicate this effectively to the dev team and asses the importance of the bug/feature and then give the customer feedback on this;
  • Build a relationship with key customers to figure out how we can help them;
  • Provide any customer research support to the rest of the sales team. This might involve researching conference delegates and speakers and creating a report for the exec team to take along to said conference. Our biggest source of inbound leads at the moment is conferences, so this is a very important task;
  • Update all sales collateral regularly. This might involve updating pricing plans and formatting proposal documents (you won't be responsible for writing the proposals, however), changing messaging as instructed by the marketing team, updating overview documents etc.;
  • Use the product at least once a week. Make sure it works as its intended to. This will also help you to offer better support to inbound leads should they have any questions about the product;
  • Do Screener Copy demos for clients via video conferencing (sharing your screen and talking while you explain what you're doing). We will train you and help you to do this well;
  • Work closely with the marketing team to make sure that all outbound messaging is consistent;
  • Work closely with the marketing team to make sure that all sales automation tasks work as intended.

Gross remuneration: R20 000 per month.