Custos uses patented blockchain technology developed at Stellenbosch University to help filmmakers, writers and other creatives distribute and protect their content. We are currently servicing customers all over the world, including South Africa, Japan, the US, UK, Germany, Norway and India. At Custos we only hire the best, so you'll have the chance to work with incredibly competent people. If you are interested in developing yourself in a high growth, high tech company, please apply.

See our press page for some more details about what we do:

  • Be part of a small elite team

  • Free Audible account

  • Free Netflix account

  • Free coffee and snacks

  • Industry related remuneration

  • Flexible Hours

  • Annie

    Head of Operations

    “ The real perk of working at Custos is the extremely intelligent, humble people who challenge and inspire me every day. I've worked for 2 startups/small businesses before working here, and let me tell you, Custos is super amazing. ”

  • Herman Lintvelt


    “ As I’ve worked with different teams and companies over the years, I’ve come to realize that the extra perks do not really matter, it’s about the team you work with and how enabled you are to master what you need to. Custos score very high on both. ”



Our Team

  • G-J


  • Fred


  • Herman


  • Annie

    Head of Operations

  • Antony


  • Chris


  • Ian


  • Jon

    Sales Executive

  • MW


  • Petri


  • Natasha

    Head of Marketing

  • Willie