Reports to: CEO

Job Overview: The Head of Business Development (HoBD) is responsible for formulating and executing Custos’ sales and revenue growth strategy. The key performance indicator for the role is the month-on-month increase of monthly recurring revenue (MRR) based on increased product sales. The HoBD is the line manager for the sales and marketing functions in the company. The HoBD also directly leads complex sales to enterprise customers.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Takes ownership of the Sales and Revenue Growth Strategy, and formulates and revises it in consultation with the management team.
  • Executes on the Sales and Revenue Growth Strategy.
  • Formulates and tracks actionable metrics related to sales, customer acquisition cost (CAC), lifetime value estimates (LTV), customer churn, product up- and cross-sell, and customer satisfaction.
  • Builds professional relationships with decision makers and influencers at enterprises that are potential key customers.
  • Leads enterprise sales discussions with potential key customers.
  • Leverages key business insights to elevate sales conversation and action.


  • A bachelor’s degree or higher in a relevant discipline.
  • Experience with SaaS and B2B sales.
  • Commercially focused, with a good understanding of business needs.
  • Excellent computer skills.
  • An eye for detail and able to work accurately when under pressure.
  • Experience in dealing with external customer requests and queries.
  • Proven ability to lead.
  • A successful sale track record with 5+ years of technology sales experience.
  • Industry knowledge and ability to make confident recommendations at C-level, business decision makers.
  • Experience with any CRM system is an advantage.
  • Experience or an established network in the film and entertainment industry is an advantage.